GameKnight is an app for Android making gaming on mobile much more connected and social by leveraging the Sinch APIs to connect players from around the world into in-game voice chats, and chat rooms to bring together people playing the same games.

It helps users in discovering multiplayer games and also to interact with people while playing them.

GameKnight tighly integrates with the Android Notification Center to be as unobstrusive as possible, while informing players if the others are in game.


  • Google+ Login
  • Group chat for different Games
  • Experienced playes can share tips with newbies
  • App to App in-game calling


  • Parse is used to handle the database of users and the games available in the app. The profile pictures of users are obtained from their Google+ account.
  • The in-app messages are actually sent as JSON strings using the Sinch Messaging API which allows the app to understand what the message is meant for.
  • The in-app calling uses the Sinch app to app calling API which is implemented inside a service to allow for the call to remain active during gameplay and also allows the users to easily end or mute the call from the notification area.

Future improvements

  • Support for more multiplayer games can be added easily.
  • The cross platform support of the Sinch SDK allows for an iOS client as well.
  • New multiplayer game developers can contact us to make their game available in the app allowing for users to discover new content easily.
  • Friends system which will allow users to add each other as friends and directly chat, call and play.
  • Currently the app supports only Android 5.0 (Lollipop) but backward compatibility can be easily added using Support Library
  • A rewards system can also be built in.
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