We are 4 college students that are tired of cheering hard and getting no reward. Free promotional gear handed out in-games always seem to be pre-determined. We want to help fans get recognition for cheering hard.

Enter GameDay Noise

What it does

GameDay Noise is a smart device (such as a Pebble watch) that will track the clapping done by a fan. This is so that we can tell who is cheering and making noise. The smart devices will relay the amount of clapping done by a fan and the results will be shown on a live video-board at the game. This is sure to make fans go crazy-hard to earn free gear.

In addition, these smart devices will acquire geolocation data within the stadium to help sporting events determine where the best fans sit and what they do during the breaks for food and beverage.

How we did this

We typed a lot, drank RedBull, Soylent and coffee and ate KIND bars.

Challenges we ran into

Wifi. Or lack thereof. Our team was also unfamiliar with the platform, so we had to do some quick learning. Also lack of sleep. Also we got stuck with a chemical engineer on our team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

tbd, but we're hoping we win $$$

What we learned

If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.

What's next for GameDay Noise

Hoping to get attention at QuackCon 2016, make some $$$, get free stuff (if you learn nothing, know that we did it for the freebies)

Demoing Presentation



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