Business models and value chains of videogames and the creator economy are broken due to single minded, unidirectional sales funnels optimizing for a maximum revenue for silo operators. Creators and Players suffer from systemic lock-in, which even the symptomatic treatment with abused NFT schemes cannot fix. We need to rethink how business models can be encouraged and created, enabling and rewarding integration and participation of the community.

What it does

GameDAO enables creation of unstoppable organizations which can be utilized to run projects, companies, organizations and enables fundraising, coordinated use of funds and rewarding user contribution through a set of on chain protocols.

Further explanation can be found on our Blog

How I built it

GameDAO is built to bridge the old world of videogames and institutional finance with the world of decentralized coordination, fundraising and community contribution in mind. Conceptual inspiration from various legal bodies in different legislations and regulatory environments on the traditional side plus a suite of on chain modules providing required incentive and functionality to operate GameDAO in a decentralized fashion, incentivising network upkeep, validation and utilization of the protocols through governance token and staking mechanisms. More info in our repos GameDAO and ZERO.

Challenges I ran into

Development challenges mainly through complexity of substrate and regulatory environment. Fundraising. Finding dedicated supporters who are willing to deep dive into substrate and the Polkadot ecosystem can be a big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Exisiting ties to mayor stakeholders, lawmakers, regulators in Europe. Running zero network as substrate based testnet.

What I learned

too much for this text.

What's next for GameDAO

Go live.

Built With

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