In 2019, the video gaming industry generated $120.1 billion revenue-- making it one of the fastest growing industries today. Hence, many individuals like ourselves are using games in their daily lives to escape reality, and create unforgettable memories.Therefore, us three friends (who met on an online game) believe gaming allows individuals like us to connect and create relationships all around the world.This motivated us to take part in this hackathon, and develop a website that will allow individuals to connect with amazing people and possibly start a new friendship during tough times like now.

What it does

Our website was made to allow people who have a passion for gaming to connect with one another, and queue up, so they can play their favourite games together! We give the members of our community a wide selection of games to choose from, which are supported on both PC and mobile, and through the game that they select they will get paired up with other members who share the same interest for the game. You would then be encouraged to chat with the people that you have been matched with using the chat feature that is provided on the website.

How we built it

We created the home page by using the elements provided in Wix; the home page includes a “Get Started” button for new users, a “Games” section displaying all the games offered; and a FAQ section. The FAQ section was created with the built in Wix FAQ and customized to fit our website’s aesthetic. We used the built in Member Pages and created a custom Signup Form. The main part of our website was created with buttons and links. The “New Party” page starts off with a choice between Mobile games or PC games. The user then decides which game they wish to form a team for and selects the type of team — duos or squads. They are then prompted to click a button to join a team; once the button is clicked, they are put into a party. This pairing was built through Corvid with code which uses a dataset to add the member to an item. Once two members are added to an item, they are displayed as team members. The user is then encouraged to chat with their partner. We implemented the chat feature by using Wix Chat; the user has to search for their partner and they are able to chat. We have implemented this “pairing” section in the Mobile-Pubg-Duos game party; all the other game parties would have the same implementation to pair up the members.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge that we ran into was when we tried to code the randomized name generator in order to create a party of people for a game. We couldn’t get our code to display the names of the members on the page for the viewer to see who they have been paired up with. We were able to combat this problem by using the Wix database to store the names and display them on the page. The other challenges we encountered were minor issues related to finding the tools that Wix/Corvid provided us with to create the initial template for our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the accomplishments we are proud of is our graphic design, mainly in terms of creating our template and the graphics that represent the company like the game connect logo, and the controller on the main page. However, the accomplishment we are most proud of is the code that we created which was used to make the random name generator, allowing the community members to queue up with each other for their respective games. The code was by far the hardest portion of the project, making it the most rewarding part when completed.

What we learned

The main thing we learned was the coding language used in Wix. Learning a new language was difficult in the time provided. We learned how to link buttons and text elements through the code; the dataset we created also required different elements to make the pairs and display them. We had to learn different Javascript functions and syntax, and reference the Corvid API.

What's next for GameConnect

We really want to keep updating this website as we learn more about JavaScript from our degrees. We have many aspirations concerning GameConnect; for example, adding an audio chatting option, creating parties by skill levels, and improving our code to be more user friendly.

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