We wanted to provide a peer review, simulate the project in EC2 and Cloud Formation.

What it does

Web Security Test, Bottleneck Test, and Visualization of Alerts

How I built it

Brandon Gregg's USE Method for Testing, AWS tools with Cloudformation, Cloudwatch Dashboard, Apache Bench, OWASP ZAP Web Vulnerability Test

Challenges I ran into

Simulating the existing Project, Adding New Unit Tests, Learning a new Web framework.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Key Thing today was working together with a team of five new people. Technology brings us together and can help create lasting friendships. Having a fun project made it all worthwhile.

What I learned

New Test Tools, Unit Testing with Spec Test, AWS Cloud Formation, Node/NPM options

What's next for GameChanger StressDash - TEAM 32

Continued Peer review is available in our Slack Channel which we invited Nate to:

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