One summer my brother picked up an NES with games at a garage sale for $5. The whole set could be valued around $300. This is what piqued my interest in the used game marketplace. Gamestop, who manages an inventory of video games, will buy video games back at a very small price because of the overhead associated with that inventory but make large profit margins on selling these games back (47%). eBay and Amazon and other sites meet supply and demand by allowing users to list games for sale on their site. While one can earn more than selling back to GameStop, it can be a hassle, especially when it comes to quality assurance. Also, these ecommerce sites haven't built any sort of customer loyalty within the gaming community because they don't need to, its simply just the best current option.

What it will do

But not anymore. GameBoyz aims to create an ecommerce website where users can create an account and start selling games right away. Sellers will be at ease knowing the cut the company takes will go back into the gaming community and buyers will be at ease knowing they will receive a quality, working video game. When a sale is made the seller will ship the game to us (free) for quality assurance and then we will ship it out to the buyer.

How I built it

The webapp I setup is just the landing page for the company. I made a Ubuntu droplet on digital ocean running nginx and my django webapp with gunicorn interfacing between the two. I setup a domain on godaddy with digital ocean nameservers and then edited the DNS records on digital ocean. I secured my nginx server with letsencrypt's ssl certificate. Then I started my typical django development: hooking it up with git, configuring django's settings, apps, urls, creating templates, writing css, interfacing with the database, and creating a Post model for my blog page.

Challenges I ran into

  • configuring everything through the terminal on a remote linux box
  • first time with digital ocean, gunicorn, nginx
  • learning gunicorn and nginx specifics on ubuntu
  • issues connecting with the database
  • making beginner mistakes

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • having my site live on production on a single droplet in the cloud
  • configuring nginx and gunicorn
  • its secure!
  • simple way to create a blog post

What I learned

  • digital ocean, dns, gunicorn, nginx
  • opened up the world of web security
  • how tedious and awful the backend is
  • how easy it is to stay awake for hours working on something

What's next for GameBoyz

  • functionality for users to create an account
  • the commerce part of ecommerce
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