Focus on next generation web3 casual gaming markets. Casual gaming total revenue is forcasted at 20B in 2022.

What it does

A gaming platform embrace real token economy, battle ranking system and much more. It's like zynga for web3 gaming

How we built it

We are building a web3 gaming SDK based on Unity and embrace evm smart contracts to make the traditional games live in web3 format.

Challenges we ran into

Still very new in the market, no one is doing casual gaming platform at the moment. Lots lots of technical chanllenges, there is no mature solutions on the internet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built end to end demo games from scratch including games flappy bird, ns-sharft both web and mobile version. We utilized nft as a ticket entry mechanism and also built web3 gaming sdk for this.

What we learned

Its possible to build a full suite of web3 gamings, its still in the very early stages and may have not have the best user experience but certainly its doable

What's next for GameBox - Next generation Web3 Casual Gaming Platform

We will continue to build and look for partners to build together.

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