We were inspired to build Gamebloc because we are a group of developers who like gaming after long hours of coding and debugging. Playing games together was fun as this helps us relax during leisure hours, then the idea popped in "what if we could build a website that allows gamers to come together and get rewarded for doing what they love". We made a random survey and pitched the idea to people and it turns out, gamers were on board with the idea. And this was how Gamebloc came to be.

What it does

Gamebloc is the first decentralised website for hosting game tournaments which can either be crowdfunded (individually hosted tournaments) or Prepaid (funded by a gaming company trying to get their gaming apps known). Basically, a user can create a tournament with a fee entry that other users can participate in (for a particular fee), and at the end of the tournament, the pool prize is shared in percentage between the first three winners.

How we built it

We built Gamebloc on Near's blockchains using React-js for the front end, Rust for the backend and python incorporated for fetching popular game APIs

Challenges we ran into

The challenge we had while building Gamebloc was learning about Near protocol and building on its ecosystem. It was quite difficult for us to integrate those third party game APIs as resources weren't much and clear. But we were able to get resources to help incorporate the APIs with Game Bloc

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So far we have an active Twitter account with thousand-plus followers in support of Game Bloc and we are proud to be making a software people get to earn while entertaining themselves and are in anticipation of.

What we learned

We learnt a lot while we built our website on Near's ecosystem ranging from API integrations, learning about Rust, deploying Near smart contracts etc, and we are still learning as there is still so much more to be achieved in building GameBloc completely.

What's next for Game_bloc

Crowd funded tournaments Tournaments self funded by the participants Streams Realtime tournaments streams, leaderboards, push notifications etc. Avatar skin NFT minting being able to design and mint game skins for supported battle royale games NFT marketplace for game skin Nft marketplace for these game skins Host a WEB3 Game launch Start hosting game launches for new web3 games

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