It took me a few hours to finally settle down on this idea. First, I talked to some of the organizers about what to do. Then, I decided to take the HTML/CSS course. This is when my idea start coming into reality. During this course I learned to basics of HTML and CSS which gave me the idea of creating a website! I am a beginner at creating websites, so I had to look at the course several times in order to get a clear understanding of these languages. After deciding that I wanted to create a website, I then had to decide what it was going to be about. I finally decided upon combining both my love and expansive knowledge of video games and skill in writing into one epic website for gamers with all the information needed to become a pro in some of my favorite games and the most popular games of all time!

What it does

Game Vision is a website that has tips and tricks on how to become a pro on some of your favorite video games! There are five different games on the website, all of which have and extremely detailed description of what the game is, how to play it, and how to become a pro at it!

How I built it

I built this website using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. I basically learned these languages on the fly, for I had to do long, expansive searches on the web to find out the necessary code to create my website. My website is actually a combination of six different webpages, with five of them being expansions off of the main webpage. I first started with the main webpage, perfecting it, and then moved on to create everything else. Several times in the process I had ideas to add onto my website, so I was constantly editing my work!

Challenges I ran into

There were two main challenges that I had throughout this process: creative block and difficulties with code. Whenever I was writing down these long descriptions, I sometimes couldn't think of what to say. Since I didn't look up any of this information and all of it is my opinion, I sometimes had to take a walk around the room to refresh my mind. Almost every time I wanted to put in some new code for a cool new feature, I had technical difficulties. It would take a while to solve these difficulties. Sometimes it was a problem with my own code. Sometimes I did something wrong. Many times I had to delete large chunks of my code, which proved to be very frustrating. Although I did had these problems, I worked around them into the great code I had now!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of everything I did: from thinking up the project to finally seeing it all some together. I put everything I had into this project, and I couldn't be any more proud of my final project. One of the things that I'm most proud of is that I create this whole project completely on my own. I couldn't find any teammates, so I had to find something that I could finish in time. I originally wanted to create my own video game, but due to the time constraints, I had to create something more simplistic: a website. Honestly, I'm proud that I was able to get all of this work done on my own.

What I learned

Not only did did I learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT, put I also learned that no matter what happens, I have to persevere. When I first couldn't find a teammate, I was bummed out. Although I knew I couldn't work on any big project, I still kept on working. I didn't let that defeat get me down for a second, so the most important thing that I learned is perseverance.

What's next for Game Vision

In the future I hope to expand upon Game Vision, such that I will be able to include all of my favorite games! I also hope to create my own game someday so that I can create tips and tricks on my website for my own game!

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