Last year Jim and I launched a successful mobile game. We’ve made over 6 figures in sales on iOS alone and were featured in a series of mini documentaries sponsored by Autodesk Part 1 Part 2. Just today we were featured by Android Police as one of their top games in July.

With all of that, we’ve come to realize that game discovery and monetization are really broken and we want to help game makers reach more fans, make more money and build their fan base.

Since we started to show and tell game developers about the app (the comps this past week and the actual app this morning), the response has been very exciting. Rachel and Ash of A Dragon Named Coal (, Laura of Whispering Willows (, Rob of Extrasolar (, David and Brooke of Doggins ( and Theresa of Cannon Brawl ( have all signed on. When we asked Laura about it she said "hell yes", "I'm surprised I've not seen an idea like it before. o:" and "It makes a lot of sense to me because I've been making 3D print stuff too now, along with digital 3D development, XD:".


Game monetization is broken. We discovered that there is no easy way to make money other than direct sales of our game. The music industry has had to confront low music monetization for years and most artists supplement their music sales with events and merch sales. By helping you get the right information in front of more fans, you can sell more copies of your games, convert fans from passive to active and sell any product or service imaginable.


Game discovery is also broken. There is no easy way to grow our fan base outside of the store. By allowing fans to collect and curate their favorite games we increase the discoverability of your game.

Connect with fans

Jim and I started building Game Social for ourselves and realized that we needed to build it for all game makers. A person that likes the games that I make, probably likes the games that I like. One of our game’s fans wrote in a review "I love every second of it, and it is currently the only game on my device; I don't need anything else" ( We're building a way to connect with that fan on a deeper level and share our love of games with them. They will probably also like games my friends make and people that like my friends games will probably like my games. Together we can build up stronger and larger fan bases then we can individually.

Future Integrations

You upload details about your game and we update that information across the web - Facebook, Twitter, Your Website, Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter, WordPress and more - to help you grow your fanbase and increase revenue.

Works best in Chrome. Refresh page if needed.

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