Development Track 🎲


Inspiration 🔮

If nightmares make you feel fear, but feeling fear is not a vent of fear, but nightmares are mostly telling you why you are afraid, only if you have the ability to interpret this symbol can you determine what a nightmare represents.

I was inspired by survival game such as Alien Shooter that adopts a dark and bloody picture style, which makes players feel depressed.But we hope that players can get corresponding token incentives. We use NFTs to allow players to truly own, sell, and lend game assets.

What it does 🎡

Kill thousands of monsters and survive until you wake up from a nightmare! Nightmare Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your can fight against the hundreds of monsters that approach you.

In this game, Nightmare Survivor, players will face endless dream demons. We destroy the monsters that come close to us and hurt us. Because it is only by confronting our fears that we will see the light of victory over ourselves.

This is a completely decentralized web3 game, no servers, no centralized institutions!!!

How we built it 🔨

  • Create Light token and Gem token through the ERC20 standard, completing the basic game economic model.
  • Use NFTs to allow players to truly own game assets and sell, and rent them.
  • A new game asset leasing model is cleverly designed through smart contracts: different from the traditional leasing model, I realize that the same game asset can be leased to multiple players for a limited period of time. This design model has greatly exerted the use value of NFTs and lowered the threshold for entry-level players to participate in the game. This is also a small innovation to NFTs.
  • I also build a simple NFT marketplace where players can sell or buy game assets.
  • I have designed a relatively perfect reward distribution algorithm in the smart contract, which makes any performance of players in the game will affect their earnings.
  • The asset synthesis function allows players to obtain higher-level runes by synthesizing runes. During the synthesis process, a large number of NFTs will be destroyed, and a new and better NFT will be generated. From an environmental point of view, this can motivate players to destroy more low-value NFTs, which is beneficial to reduce the carbon content on the Tron chain.

How to Play it 🎮

  1. Click the icon in the upper left corner to get some Light Tokens for free every day.
  2. Click the button to start the game.You need to pay a certain amount of Light Token.
  3. If you have runes, you can pre-assemble them before the game starts. Up to three runes can be assembled.
  4. After entering the game, use the keyboard button 【W S A D】 to control the character to move up, down, left and right, use the button U to control the character to attack monsters, and use the button I to control the character to move instantaneously.
  5. After each round, you can upgrade the skills you want to kill more monsters.
  6. After the character dies, you can pay 300 Light Tokens to revive the character.
  7. After the game is over, you can exit the game and claim the reward
  8. Monsters are generated algorithmically, so the game levels are endless. Good luck!

Challenges we ran into 🎢

  • Design a relatively reasonable reward distribution algorithm based on the player's performance in the game.
  • As a beginner of smart contracts, I encountered various bugs in the process of developing contracts.
  • Due to time constraints, the work of developing the game was very stressful. Some UIs in the game still need to be beautified, and the game interaction experience also has a lot of room for improvement.
  • Developing smart contracts on Tron testnet requires a lot of gas tokens. But only 100 can be applied for each time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 👏

  • Self-developed and completed this interesting game work.
  • Implemented a relatively complex game equipment trading system using smart contracts.

What we learned 🎉

  • Deploy a complete set of smart contracts on the Tron testnet using Hardhat.
  • Use solidity to develop NFT-related smart contracts.

What's next for Nightmare Survivor 🧾

  • Design more interesting characters and monsters.
  • Improve game interaction and beautify game UI.
  • Improve game interaction.
  • Continue to explore the loan mode of game props.
  • Added PvP mode and multiplayer cooperative mode.
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