I was inspired by a program called AI dungeon and wanted to create an experience to help people find new and interesting video game experiences to play during quarantine.

What it does

Reccomends users games based on their own personal interests.

Redirects a user to the specified games website for further details about the reccomended game.

How I built it

Game selector was built using C++ and the windows api library along with the CLION IDE.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a functioning GUI in time proved to be a difficult task and required pivoting to a command line application for further development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Utilizing the Windows API to redirect users to the game website after selecting their favorite game.

What I learned

The importance of a simple and easy to use user interface.

What's next for Game Selector

Incorporate a user interface for a more interactive experience.

Include an undo option in the menu before a game is selected.

Add support for operating platforms other than Windows such as Mac OS and Linux in the future.

Download here

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