What it does

Let's the user chose different metrics they enjoy in a game of baseball (good offense, good pitching, lots of home runs, etc...) and sorts today's game by how likely they are to enjoy them.

How I built it

Backend API using lumen. The SportsRadar API is used to get the schedule for any given date and the statistics for the team.

Challenges I ran into

Frontend work is not my cup of tea and I ended up wasting quite a bit of time getting it together. I also should've set up my server before starting as I spent some time setting up apache.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to finish a complete and presentable demo with some basic metrics.

What I learned

Planing ahead of time would've help so I would definitely write a plan the day before my next hackathon.

What's next for Game Recommendation

Improved calculation of scoring + display a small explanation outside of just a raw score.

Built With

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