I was playing the famous Nim game (better known as subtraction game) with one of my friend, which inspired me to make an Alexa skill so that kids can play it with Alexa!

What it does

Nim is a famous mathematical game of strategy. In this version, two players take alternate turns and need to say one, two, or three numbers per turn, and the numbers must be in counting order. The first player to say "20" wins the game.Each player can say one, two, or three numbers in the counting order per turn. Each player must start with the number after the last one that the other player said. Counting starts with one.

How I built it

The interaction model for the skill was built on the Amazon developer portal. The cloud-based service that handles the requests for the skill type was written using the Python micro-framework flask-ask. I hosted my web service on Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

Since it was my first time with Alexa skill and flask-ask, the major challenge I ran into was getting it through the certification process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that was able to build it and get through the certification process.

What I learned

I got a chance to get my hands on flask and using the Heroku services.

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