Conway's Game of Life, a classic, interactive cellular automaton model that can grow with infinite possibilities

What it does

Letting the user build and grow his/her own cellular "life", and compete with others with both luck and strategy

How we built it

Python & Tkinter GUI Library version control with Github

Challenges we ran into

Our team has very limited experience with Python language and totally unfamiliar with the GUI The most confusing bug is that local variables always referenced before assignment among several functions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Both 1P and 2P games are pretty fun!!! Actually, we created an interesting, seemingly simple but highly replayable game in a short period of time and of little prior experience

What we learned

Programming design with Python, use of Tkinter GUI, principles of cellular automata, building a group project with intensive team programming and use of version control

What's next for Game of Lives

That's what we'll first decide after getting some precious sleep :) Maybe add a explosion mode where two annihilated cells explode at the center and clear its 8-grid surroundings Add a consecutive step single player mode where the player can create the own life form and watch it evolve automatically Transplant this app to a web app or a mobile app

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