game-of-life a Jekyll theme

Customizing the theme

Among other personal details, font and background color could be changed by updating the _config.yml file.

Change the Game of life strip

Lines similar to the following will plot a Game of life strip

board = new Board(columns, rows);
board.fill(starting_column, ending_column, starting_row, ending_row);


This theme is breaking the rule and visitor can interact with an ongoing Game.

However, nice people are still able to observe how initial game evolves.

  • press e to start and/or restart the Game
  • if your eyes are a bit tired and you'd prefer to quietly read a page you can
    • type q to remove cells from the screen
    • type p to pause the Game (use s to resume the Game)
  • type i to start the Insert Mode where you can create new cells
    • with a click of a mouse new cells will be randomily created around
    • if you are feeling happy, drag mouse to create some more
  • press ESC to --- escape the Insert Mode
  • use j and k to control the speed
  • to change the cells' color press any additional key

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