What is it? A Game of Drones: two robots controlled through Wi-Fi, on a web page, via your smartphone.

How does it work? We've built two robots using ESP8266 RC with custom design 3D printed bodies which hold the motors (which hold the hacked micro-servo-motors, which we refitted for continuous rotation), modules and wiring. They're controlled via Wi-Fi from any smartphone through a webpage. We'll use the phone's accelerometer to move the robots on 4 directions.

Long story short? One arena. One scoring board with LEDs for keeping score. 2 Robots. 2 Cubes. 2 designated push pins (connected to the scoaring board)

You'll have to use your smartphone to control the robots that push the Cube into the pushing pins. First one to 5 points WINS!!!

This simple game has all the basics of FUN:

Modularity: you could play different sports with your robots (basketball, soccer, capture the flag)

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