** Nobody likes cleaning and home duties, so why don't we change it to a game to encourage people to keep apartments clean?**

What it does

You can define your chores, with value of them (in points) and frequency - how often it should be done. After you have done something (e.g. clean your toilet) you will receive appropriate number of points - considering the difficulties and time from previous execution of this task. Also you can compare your scores, because you see actual ranking. If you are enough motivated - you can unlock achievements - for example "toilet cleaner - clean your toilet 3 times".

How we built it

We created a server with DB based on Java/Spring, also using MySQL. You can connect to this server with our mobile app on Android.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a server, because we have never done it before. Passing arguments betweend threads in Android. Solving problems with Gradle and GIT conflicts. :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our simply, but really usefull and not obvious idea for this project. Also it is great, that we have managed to create interesting project during about 30 hours - none of us is a professional developer.

What we learned

Building Java/Spring server. Creating mySQL database and connect to them. Parse JSON. Created async tasks on Android.

What's next for Game of chores

We are planning to:

  • create events - for example "Saturaday Cleaning - you will double your points."
  • confirmation system - roomates can evalute you work, and confirme it, or questionate it.
  • sharing your achivemnts, points, ranking in social media - for example Facebook or Twitter (it could help you find better roommates in the future).
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