Me and my group really enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons so we wanted to make something that would be beneficial to the Game Master.

What it does

The tool is able to keep the location of where players are on a map as well as their HP. The characters can then attack the enemy and that value will be saved for future use.

How we built it

We set up a skill that contacts a lambda function and will output the information from the lambda function to both audio and to Dynamo DB. We then take that data from Dynamo and use it to maintain the state of the application.

Challenges we ran into

Well first of all, node.js is complicated and most of the group had never used it. Another complication was trying to get the skill to communicate with the lambda function. After getting that to work, maintaining the state of the application was the most difficult. We were trying to store values such as HP and location in a grid to then return later.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of the challenges mentioned above work and we are very proud that we actually managed to do it. It was extremely satisfying to see something we were confused on for hours actually give the response/output we desired.

What we learned

We were able to learn how to effectively create a skill for Amazon Echo and how to use lambda and AWS to perform much of the computing. We also learned how to use a database like Dynamo DB to save a state to be used in future lambda calls.

What's next for Game Night on My Echo

There are a lot of features that we want to add such as being able to cast spells, maintain an inventory, and play sound bites. There are may edge cases that we want to be able to fix to make the application more fluid, as well.

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