As game lovers we always looked for a way to make a game that we could really enjoy and the only way to make games that we found about is through coding, and not everybody knows how to code. As a computer science major we always loved helping people with our skills , so we came up with the idea that we can build an Engine that helps people build games the way they want to without any skills of coding

What it does

It's an a Game Engine that helps people build a game without coding

How we built it

we used lua.

Challenges we ran into

Its was very hard creating the environment that allows users to create that they want

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we able to finnish this in time

What we learned

To never give up and keep looking for answers.

What's next for BURN Engine.

The next chapter for Game Maker Engine is to make it able to create all kinds of games without any skill of code needed.

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