A game jam is A) a contest where participants try to make a video game from scratch B) a new Alexa Skill where people meet around Alexa to play games together. On the device or online with friends around the world. Interact, play and have fun. We have games for everyone. Try a game of chess or start right into party mode for short entertaining gaming rounds. Voice-controlled, touch or with your mobile as controller. Card games, sport games and you can learn to program a little robot. Or how to play piano. What else you ask? ... watch out! We have a lot more coming up ;-)


Many great indie games stay unrecognized, lots of unfinished games and an opportunity to give them a stage. Game Jam transforms Alexa into a gaming console. We want to showcase great games and explore what's possible with voice.


  • Beyond the moon: Voice-driven story game with awesome graphics (Work in progress)
  • Airport Manager: Can you manage an airport? Yes you can, just state the commands.
  • Color Pop! „Green“, „Red“, „Yellow“ … only the right colors make it to the finish line. A family game.
  • Piano: Play a song or learn it on Alexa
  • Around the world: Learn about our planet in 3D
  • Go, Go, Go ... You will be screaming at Alexa. Fun game alone and with friends.

What it does

Gives you a fine selection of games

How we built it

Passion and patience. We tested a lot on devices to make sure it actually works. Especially with webGL content it's pretty easy to overload the device so we must make sure we are not crashing the device.

For Parents and Families

Limit categories or only allow certain games. And limit daily usage. And we offer family friendly games that can be played together. More to come soon.

Challenges we ran into

Time. It was not enough ...

And connecting all the dots, integrate with fast protocols to make mobiles usable as controllers, fix bugs on device and find out memory limits with trial and error.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

A nice looking product, optimized for different Alexa devices with nice games. A good foundation to bring more games to.

What we learned

Working together .. it's a never-ending learning. And of course: working on the Alexa Skill also improved our skills #hahaha

What's next for Game Jam

  • Finalize SDK (for voice and mobile phone controllers) and build pipeline so we can bring more unity, threejs and construct games to Alexa
  • Feature great indie games possibly as premium content (small monthly subscription). We will help other developers to bring great games to the Alexa platform.
  • Game Jam will accept funding and allow early access for games. Follow your favorite games and get involved in the process. You can check every day how the progress is, try out new features etc...
  • Use data centers around the world to give users the quickest response time possible
  • Experiment more with what’s possible. We want to bring the best games and experiences to Alexa. Our pipelines are fully loaded. Find out more about that in the Game Jam Skill ;-)
  • Build your own games on Alexa and share
  • and much more …

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