Gene got a job at Riot games so I figured I should play League of Legends to see what he would be working on. The only problem was that League is not intuitive at all. I consider myself a gamer, I myself work at Activision, so at first I played League without telling Gene, trying to just get into the game and surprise him with how good I was later on, but I quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. I managed to get to only level 4 before telling him and giving up for nearly a year because it just wasn't fun. Over time I've fallen in love with the IP, I now collect all the Tibbers stuffed animals and mini poro sets, as well as some figurines and apparel, and I enjoy watching and attending professional games. I even have a crush on a few professional players...but mostly just Sneaky on Cloud9. With that said, I recently decided to give the game another shot. I'm now a level 14, but I stick to ARAMs and really wanted to create a way to better learn the game, and also allow others, even professionals, to improve as well. Seeing how players struggle in different areas and jumping off of our mutual love of sports and crunching numbers a' la' Money Ball, we built a toolset that allows players at all levels to identify their weaknesses and improve their abilities.

What it does


How we built it

With our computers and combined brain power.

Challenges we ran into

Our cats wanted to help.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our tool accurately predicted that Team Liquid would win the LCS Spring finals. See for proof!

What we learned

Don't allow cats to help.

What's next for GLHF and Win

Less, but also more cats.

Built With

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