Spatial computing is a revolution in how we interact with digital data. We feel a similar revolution is needed in how content is experienced, created, and delivered. The only technology that can allow this to happen is AT&T 5G network using the power of Magic Leap. These 2 amazing technologies are the foundation for a new medium. World based interactive gaming and storytelling.

Game Gen Worlds will allows developers to create any experience and place this experience anywhere in the world. These worlds will be filled with the biggest IP's on the planet. These experiences can be placed all over the world to add value to any location. Increasing foot traffic and revenue with the click of a button. For the Hackathon we took inspiration from vast AT&T library of IP's and created a proof of concept experience. Aquaman XR. This game allows users to experience the thrill of being inside of the Aquaman universe in shared mixed reality. The experience could be used to add value to AT&T stores, movie theater lobbies, and even built out to be an entirely new mixed reality amusement park located Warner Bros Studio Tours. And of course one day even finding a home in homes all over the world. Aquaman XR is just the tip of the iceberg. We feel that every one of Warner Bros/AT&T rich IP's can be turned into a location based experience.

We built this using Unity and Photon. The challenges we ran into include hardware tracking. We hope the next generation of Magic Leap will improve room level tracking and include GPS.

What's next for Game Gen Worlds? We are in talks with several major IP holders about developing location based experience all over the world. We will be hard at work on exploring 5G and Magic Leap to build the greatest location based experience in the world.

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