We were part of the Tech+Research group that was interested in learning more about VR development, research, and applications.

What it does

It is a simple game designed to be a proof of concept for a system that could potentially be used in exercise and physical rehabilitation.

How we built it

We worked with Unity, C#, an arduino board, and the arduino IDE.

Challenges we ran into

Getting all the different pieces to work together and not disconnect from another in the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the 2D version of our game and learning more about hardware and how it can be used to interact with VR games.

What we learned

How to use arduinos with Unity and the Oculus Rift.

What's next for Game Development for the Flycycle Exercise Robot

Creating a 3D game that will allow for users of the Flycycle to automatically calibrate for their weight and also incorporating more sensors for the bike pedals. Also the implementation of safety restraints. Further research into how the flycycle and the corresponding VR games can be used to better aide in the rehabilitation process.

Pictures are up in the Github repo in the Pictures directory.

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