I wanted to make a retro style selfie filter. At first I made an LCD type filter, using red, green, and blue 1x3 pixel strips to create the image. I eventually scrapped that idea. Then I had the idea of a LEGO version of a selfie, but dumped that idea as well. I finally settled upon a Game Boy filter, and I haven't turned back since.

How it works

It captures each frame from the webcam and crops a centered 10:9 image from it, resizes to 160x144 (native Game Boy resolution), then draws each pixel as one of four different shades of green on the canvas as a 4x4 square

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble finalizing the style. At first, I had a section at the bottom containing all the selfies you take, where you can select which ones you wanted to throw away or download. I removed that feature simply because it made the experience too complicated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm especially proud of the fact that I got the chance to learn more about JavaScript to create this project. Learning how to enable the webcam and creating a JavaScript worker surely made the experience more valuable to me. The JavaScript worker did not make it to the final version, since it lost it's use when I changed ideas.

What I learned

I learned that some good ideas may not be good enough in the end for a specific project. The ideas by themselves may be creative, but it has to have a good enough purpose to work well. Also, I mentioned before the different features of JavaScript I got to work with.

What's next for Game Boy Selfie

What's next? Well I would like to integrate it with social media so that the user can instantly share their selfie without having to download it then upload it. Something like that could make the experience much more enriching.

Built With

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posted an update

7 March 2016

The graphic below the Game Boy screen has been changed to a crisper image and the social media buttons have been updated. Game Boy Selfie is now available as a Chrome App on the Chrome Web Store. This is good for Chrome users since the site no longer works in the Chrome browser, but is still supported in Firefox and other browsers. So go check out Game Boy Selfie on the Chrome Web Store now!

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posted an update

10 July 2015

Updated the Game Boy Selfie to use the Bootstrap framework. A major upgrade indeed, since this makes the site considerably more mobile-friendly. Responsive web design is a must nowadays, and I'm just getting started learning it.

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posted an update

24 July 2015

Updated the Game Boy Selfie to use ordered dithering, creating a better picture quality while still utilizing the four colors of the original Game Boy. The image processing is done in a JavaScript Worker asynchronously to prevent lag on the main page. This results in a smooth picture quality in the webcam stream being filtered.

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