Check out the Intro Cutscene

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How To Install

//install dependencies
npm install
npm install -g electron
npm install -g webpack

// run compilers
npm run watch
watchman --watch
npm start // or open the index.html


For our game REST, we tried to interpret the idea of "resolution" in two ways: firstly in the graphical sense, as the game transitions in its levels from 1-bit graphics (a la the old Atari games) to 8-bit graphics (the NES), and then lastly into a fully hand-drawn environment. Secondly, the idea of resolution is expressed in the game's narrative, reflected by the protagonist's dreams as he attempts to find self-actualization in his quest to leave the dream.

Our inspirations were of course NES games and the retro games of old, such as The Legend of Zelda and Lemmings. From a gameplay standpoint, we drew inspiration from the old NES game Adventures of Lolo. In the second dream we feature Pac Man ghosts as enemies.


We decided to use PhaserJS Community Edition to build our game, as our development team comes from an extensive Javascript background and we shared a strong desire to hone our Typescript (OOP Javascript) skills.


We decided to use an 1-bit style featuring simple colors and squares for the first dream. For the second dream we decided to go with an 8-bit style. We used Adobe Photoshop and basic colour palette. For the video introduction we used vector illustrations created on Adobe Illustrator and we put them together in Adobe After Effects. All of our illustrations, even the ones inspired on retro games were created by ourselves.

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