💡 Inspiration

We all know about the impact of COVID-19 and its impacts and we all know that it has presented an unprecedented challenge to the education system. It is still all right for the senior students but the junior students are the ones who need regular interaction and our current model of exams is not able to provide this to them.

💻 What it does

We have designed a quiz portal which will be in a form of a game, as we all know that games are one of the best ways to getting the interests of students.

⚙️How it works

  • The student can interact with the platform in the form of a game but at the end learns their subjects.
  • This simulation of question attacks is done in form of a card.
  • For every question card displayed, the student gets 3 option cards.
  • By choosing the cards, the student can learn what about his/her subject-related topics.

🔨 How we built it

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Js
  • Backend: Node Js, Express Js
  • Database: Mongo BD
  • Cloud Storage: Firestore
  • The site is deployed on: Firebase Cloud

🧠 Challenges we ran into

  • The main challenge was to integrate the backend with the frontend, as it was the first time we were working with this kind of tech.
  • Another challenge was to

🏅 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we completed the project in this short frame of time and we learned a lot from this hackathon.

📖 What we learned

We learned a lot of new things, mainly in the field of the backend.

🚀 What's next for Gam-Learn

  • Adding more languages
  • Adding a feature for the teacher to upload the questions, and generate answers.
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