Open source, decentralized, resource management game based in the age of sail. was originally a hand painted game I built back in 2008-2010 and never released. I repurposed and extended my old graphics to make a blockchain based application built on Ethereum. The main reason for building this DApp was exploring production level smart contract deployment and the MetaMask UI.

The blockchain, Ethereum in particular, is one of the most exciting technologies of my lifetime. Recently, it seems like almost everything built in the space is somehow a scheme to grab cash. I wanted to build something that's just... fun.

Stage 1 - Fishing

The first stage in the game is fishing. You purchase a Dogger from the harbor and sail around the world in search of lunkers. When you cast out your fishing line there is a commit / reveal mechanic for pseudo-randomness. You pick a hash for your 'bait' and then you submit the 'bait hash'. Fish that are farther away from your boat are also harder to catch. Once you catch a fish you can sell it to the Fishmonger for Copper.

Copper will be the currency of Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Sailing (WIP)

The second stage will be purchasing a seaworthy vessel from the harbor with Copper and sailing to another island in hopes of claiming land. Land can also be purchased with Copper if empty tiles are already claimed.

The land contract has the functionality to procedurally generate more land as needed, but this will only be in build mode. When the contract fleet is switched to Production mode (fully decentralized), land and may other mechanics are set in stone.

Stage 3 - Citizens (WIP)

As you claim land and build your first settlement, Citizens are optionally produced from excess food resources. The important mechanic here will be collecting unique types of food from around the world. Citizens will have improved attributes based on the different types of food you create them from.

Stage 4 - Resources (WIP)

Once you have settled in and own land, it's time to start taking advantage of your precious resources. Lumber camps, agriculture, farming, etc. Goods produced, Timber in particular, are important to the early game economy. Timber is used, along with a Citizen (Craftsman) to build Doggers for first time players to use to catch fish. The fish they catch are converted into Fillets at the Fishmonger and can be used to feed your Citizens.

Stage 5 - War (WIP)

Protecting your assets will be important. Ships of war will be built for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Stage 6 - Advanced Mechanics and Economy (WIP)

As your wealth grows in the game, so will your population. With a larger Citizen pool to draw from you will be able to train specialized Citizens. For instance, a University tile (backed by a smart contract) could accept Copper plus a Citizen and output an Engineer Citizen. These specialized Citizens will have more abilities and can build/harvest better products.

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