Our team wanted to be able to demo paintings and posters in our own room without redecorating or having to purchase the item first.

What it does

Gall-AR-y is an augmented reality experience that uses a web app and Android app. Users first create an album on our web application and upload images onto the album. Then, they are able to select an album from the Android app. The Android app will grab images one be one from the album and project it onto a target it has been told to recognize.

How we built it

The project has 2 major components: the Android app and the web application. The web app allows users to create albums and put images in each album. Album information is stored in a database (DynamoDB) while images are stored in a file storage solution (S3). The website was made with React and deployed with S3. The Android app gets album info and images from the same file storage solution and database. It was made with Unity and Vuforia.

Challenges we ran into

We found difficulty learning the APIs for DynamoDB.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Amazon Web Services and how it helps run the backend of a web application.

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