Connect Galileo's API framework with a basketball stats website to pay players based on statistics.

What it does

Runs a python script that takes in user input to do the following: Creates Galileo cardholders for requested players Pays those cardholders based on player stats for specific games. Transfers money from the player cardholders to coach cardholder for mistakes such as turnovers. Refresh the authorization code from Galileo so that future requests can be made.

How I built it

I learned about Galileo's sandbox API's using postman. I used beautiful soup to web scrape Built a library of methods to combine web scraping and Galileo API requests in PyCharm.

Challenges I ran into

Making transfers from cardholders back to the mfa account. Also deleting my test card users I would like to clean up, or players I would no longer like to track.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works! I'm also proud of how easy it is to navigate the program's command line.

What I learned

I learned an incredible about API requests inside a Python environment, and unexpected status code handling.

What's next for GalileoBasketballWebScraper

Be able to remove players from Galileo to no longer be tracked. Expand for future seasons and postseason games.

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