Any female knows the uncomfortable, uneasy feeling of commuting alone. Being alone makes you vulnerable to unwanted confrontation.

What it does

This app links you with other female-identifying persons who are traveling in a similar direction. The app allows you to select your preferred mode of travel, and has a built-in chat feature to coordinate a meet-up location with your new travel buddy and discuss whether you take the subway or order a shared ride.

How we built it

We wrote a Python script to allow the user to input their username and password to assign them a userid number, and direct them to input their starting location and ending location. The script will then output their travel journey on a map to visually confirm their journey is correct. The user will then be matched to an entry selected from a dummy database of other user's anticipated travel journeys (starting and ending locations) which is most similar to their travel journey.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, hot tea was spilled onto the laptop that had the website and front-end of the app. Therefore we had to submit a keynote presentation as a mock-up of the front-end.

What we learned

(don't drink liquids next to your computers!)

What's next for GalGo

-Interface the python scripts with a web application

-Scale up to the rest of the world

-build a database that is updated real-time with user information

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