Love for learning languages and a linguistics class.

What it does

Galena is a website to help users understand the magnitude of language death globally.

How we built it

We used data from Kaggle and filtered it out with Python. The Kaggle data has the data point on endangered languages and we used this to do different user-input queries on the data. This data was then displayed to the front end using flask and HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ArcGIS' APIs.

Challenges we ran into

INTEGRATION - everyone was able to get their separate pieces working but having it all come together was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the aesthetic of the site and the numerous learning curves we overcame!

What we learned

1)The ArcGIS' API is troublesome to use but has many interesting and cool applications. 2)In addition, we learned that although it is laborious to use python to run a web page, it is possible! 3)Many HTTP error codes (404, 500,etc)

What's next for Galena

In the future, we would include more interesting graphs and fascinating data regarding the topic. We would also clean up some of the visuals, like limiting max zoom and only getting country level of details.

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