As time is passing, our civilization is getting more advanced and more knowledgeable; we started to learn more about how the universe works and how we can cope with the laws of the universe. So all humans must have enough knowledge about space and galaxies and know how the universe works. As I did some research, I noticed that most human beings are not interested in the knowledge part of the context, but rather, they are into the more fun and interesting stuff. Thereby, I started designing a game that mixes the information about space and galaxies, and organized them in a unique and fun way for all players to play, learn, and most importantly have fun!

What it does

This game has the potential to be compatible with PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, but the main focus is Virtual Reality. This game uses the science behind VR to help the players deeply learn the functions and laws of the galaxy; by using VR the players will be able to feel different planets and experience how is it like to be on those planets. Players will start from level 1 (Earth) and as they continue to finish the challenges, they start to get into the more complex astronomy fields and travel to different planets (Virtually).

How we built it

I actually don't have that much experience doing hackathon projects and I am an amateur coder, so I used everything I knew about how to use Google slides and Canva to finish the project. I did all the necessary research in order to organize the levels and information in a useful manner. I also tried to provide a programmed version of the main menu in my GitHub repository.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that I faced was the lack of time to make all the designs, research, and codings all by myself, but fortunately, I was able to finish them. I was also a bit experience-less in terms of project presenting, and I had to do a bit of inquiry to get more comfortable doing the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I really didn't think I could be able to do all this all by myself and regardless of my standing compared to other participants, I am really proud that I came this far and built a project that has very high growth potential.

What we learned

During the research I did, I learned a lot of new information and I gained a huge value of knowledge about space and the galaxy. I am really happy that this hackathon encouraged me to learn more about space, and also caused me to learn more about hackathon contests as well.

What's next for Galaxy Survivors

Right now, the Galaxy Survivors is not a published VR game as it will need a lot of work spent upon it. But the Galaxy Survivors has high growth potential and if we can program it to work with VR, we can collaborate with MetaVerse and expand the technology of Virtual Reality and Gaming.

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