I wanted to create an auditory experience that gave power to the player's creativity

How it works

Using gesture controls, the player can create a planet with three main elements that each use sounds from NASA combined with musical samples. The three main components that can be created are the planet itself, a moon, and rings. Size can be changed in real-time to manipulate the pitch of each sound.

Challenges I ran into

Since this was my first prototype built with Unity and the Leap Motion API was new to me, my original design ideas needed to be simplified to match my experience level. I had to focus on three simple features of a single planet, and once a new part was created, the player could not go back or select the previous creation to manipulate it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that this is a working prototype for my first Unity game and uses FMOD to manipulate the sounds with the gesture controls. If I had more time to master the Leap Motion API/prefab, I would have loved to experiment more with the audio.

What I learned

As this was my first Unity game, I was able to learn a lot about scripting, especially when I had to use the Leap Motion API and integrate FMOD events. This prototype was quickly hacked together, and I learned that I could have written the scripts in a more modular way and separated out more of the functionality.

What's next for Galaxy 'Scape

Using what I learned, I hope I can improve this prototype when I have time. If I can clean up the scripts, I am confident I will be able to expand the gameplay mechanics to creating a bigger soundscape like I originally planned, using a whole galaxy as a canvas rather than a single planet.

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