Space shooter/Space Invader and websites with the Space themes.

What it does

The game has a player sprite that shoots bullets to explode enemy ships, every 1000 points the new level will get faster and faster and it also keeps track of your points and high score when you lose and it's game over. The enemy ships can also bump into you and explode your sprite, if an enemy ship goes past you you also lose lives (you start with 5). The website, finds you a few learning platforms if you want to learn about outer space as well as tells you about the developed game!

How I built it

I used Xcode to develop the game and to make the website

Challenges I ran into

Not having enough time, errors randomly coming up, me not knowing how to use Xcode to develop a game, errors that i couldn't fix in Xcode, errors I didn't know, code I was using being outdated, me not knowing how the website would attach to the game, my computer overheating then shutting down, my computer glitching and crashing, Xcode crashing, crashing, the parallax not working, my functions not working, my sprites not working, my conditionals not working, not having enough knowledge in Swift, crashing and deleting things, my video not working, the slides not working, Youtube not wanting to work with my website, my files not loading, the cursor freezing, the game freezing, massive glitching of the simulator, the bullet sprites disappearing, the simulator crashing, the simulator freezing, the simulator and code not cooperating with the player space coordinates and many more...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've never developed a game before and never learned to so I'm very proud of developing the game from scratch and learning to do so very quickly, I'm also proud that I learned how to add in the video background!

What I learned

How to fix 99% of what's above, how to code a game in Xcode how to use Xcode's game developing software, how to use swift and so much more, this was a frustrating process but in the end I realized that I learned so much, I don't need an amazing outcome/product, mine will definitely not be as good as other people's nor as complex or amazing but the product doesn't matter because I learned so much and I learned to overcome many things through this amazing experience.

What's next for Galaxy Explorer

I want to better the website and use the ideas I had but was unable to input, I want to learn more about Xcode/game developing to do even more coding, developing and updating. I want to be able to input levels and different challenge, sprite switches, different worlds and hopefully so much more. and for the website I want to make it have all the functions that I had in mind! (if possible :D), but nothing is impossible with coding so...!

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