Inspired by the idea of yield-generating NFTs, fungible tokens, and the possibility of running a fully decentralised game with thriving token economics.

What it does

Galaxy Beyond is a fully decentralized DeFi platform embedded into a fully featured multiplayer strategy game running on Ethereum. By playing Galaxy Beyond users can challenge other players on an interplanetary environment, reaping exciting rewards through yield generating NFTs.

In a nutshell, the game allows its users to own NFT planets in the milky way and grow an economy on top of each of them by staking ETH and mining precious resources, needed for space colonization. Once ready for space travel attack other planet and try to conquer the whole galaxy.

MVP Rules:

  • Get a planet in the initial NFT auction
  • Stake some ETH on your planet and start generating MOB tokens
  • Claim your accrued MOB whenever you are ready
  • Build lobsterNukes on your planet using MOB token
  • Nuke another planet with a lobsterNuke in order to gain ownership of the planet (and its staked ETH!!!)
  • Hijack a threathening lobsterNuke that is threatening one of your planet, and if you succeed reap a juicy MOB reward.


  • Unity 2D game using with WebGL
  • ERC1155 token contracts using Hardhat
  • WalletConnect enabled login
  • Deposit staked collateral to AAVE lending pools to compound staked ETH yield
  • Chainlink VRF for attack and hijack resolution
  • Opensea integration for planet NFTs auction

How we built it

The frontend is a Unity based app, which is compiled from C# to WebGL. We chose this powerful gaming framework to combine graphics capabilities with the option to use the NEthereum .NET library to interact directly with the blockchain.

The smart contracts written in Solidity offer a rich set of gameplay features.

Challenges we ran into

Getting familiar with a new gaming framework like Unity (only 1 of us had a bit of experience in it) turned out to be an ambitious goal during a hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Deployment of the web based game in the cloud
  • Rich feature set of the smart contracts, which includes staking functionality
  • Fully decentralised, and decoupled architecture with potentially multiple frontend variants

What's next for Galaxy Beyond

  • Finalize Alpha version
  • Expand available planet resources and lobster economics for more exciting interplanetary battles
  • The age of the guilds: Participate to the development of a planet and build a colonizing community
  • Explore the Metaverse: Explore the planet of your guild in a 3D VR world to explore what inhabitants are building for space-colonization
  • Feature parity of frontend and smart contracts
  • Multi galaxy support
  • Integration of other ecosystem tokens

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