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This game is a novel protocol that mixes NFT, Gaming and DEFI . At the core game is a play to earn game which is powered by ICP blockchain. Community can contribute and earn in a variety of ways, including but not limited to Playing Game , Live streaming gameplay, staking weapons as well as selling on secondary market places.

We strongly believe that a good game is an amalgamation of Scarcity, Thrill , Realtime and Sharing. We have combined various elements to bring these properties.



Gamers have recently understood that centralized institutions are fragile. Many game servers are shut down and users are enable to retain there assets which took them years to earn. We can make asset ownership more transparent and trusted with Blockchain. With the influx of new gamers around the world due to various reasons like cheap internet and compute devices. The blockchain gaming industry is still very nascent and there is a huge potential for growth. This game is a realtime strategy game with alluring graphics and play to earn mechanics will onboard games from web2 world as well as web3. We specifically chose ICP as it is a one stop solution from frontend to Smart contract execution.



Build the most powerful kingdom and army
The core of the game lies in creating your own base and looting other bases to earn Aureus (in game DIP20 token). All the elements in your base are DIP20 tokens which can also be sold on DEX.You own your assets. This essentially provides liquidity to the players who wishes to sell there assets. There are special purpose miners which help players to mine in game currencies at a certain rate. There are attackers which players can buy to loot other bases.

To give a more detail overview of the Tokenomics

  • Aureus : This is the main currency of the game which can be used to buy all the assets like cannon/xbow/archer/valkyrie. Players cannot buy Miners with Aureus miners can only be bought with ICP.

  • Miners: Miners are locked when a player adds them to there base. Once locked miners start producing aureus every block and after certain amount of blocks the storage is filled so players have to keep collecting. On upgrading miner level the storage capacity and per block output increases

  • DIP20 Assets : This are in-game assets that include defenders and attackers. Once a player places them in there base the assets get locked and when a player removes them from there base the assets are unlocked and can be sold in the secondary market place. Currently we have 6 such assets.

    • Cannon
    • Xbox
    • Tesla
    • Archer
    • Valkyrie
    • RoboDriller

The contract is dynamic and allows the addition of assets so we can add more building and asset to the game without redeploying the contract

Beside depending on secondary market place we have our own marketplace in which user can buy/sell various assets.

  • 3D Marketplace : We have our own marketplace in which users can buy/sell there assets. The best part about the marketplace is that players can visualize the asset in 3D before buying it. This gives them the overview of how they will look in the game.


Usually Gamers spend a lot of there time and effort to advance in a game and when online games shut down or there servers are compromised there is a significant amount of value loss here. Some of the rare assets even take years of hardwork to earn. But when this efforts are spent on centralized games there is a high chance that in future you might not be able to retain ownership of your assets. We aim to solve this by creating a game in which all assets are stored as NFT so that owner can retain full ownership of there assets. We have devised our architecture to resolve this shortfalls of traditional games.

Assets as NFT and Logic : Our game logic is transparent and verifiable as we are using canisters for our backend logics. We have deployed our canisters on the ICP . ICP provides free faster transactions to users and it improve the user experience of the game.

Backend Canisters : To deliver the most decentralized experience from the events happening in the contract for updating the UI we have deployed our backend as canister


Guilds : People always like playing games together and allowing players to form guilds increases the interaction and active users. Guilds will be a core part of the game and the membership will be tokenized by utilizing DIP-721 standard to show proof of ownership

Liquid Assets : All the assets in the game are DIP-20 and hence provides the players opportunity to trade them whenever they want. The concept of liquid assets not only guarantee users that they belong to them but also can be used to arbitrage trade allowing more trading volume in the platform

Mystery Boxes : Players will be able to buy and earn mystery boxes for their proof of contribution. Creating organic growth and demand.

Decentralized : The goal is to transition towards a decentralized DAO in the longterm to be sustainable and keep the product development as decentralized as possible. A proper documentation will be provided for governance and contributions

Why ICP ?

ICP provides a wonderful way to deploy and manage your application with robust and decentralized architecture the Canister based architecture of ICP allows applications to be grow and allows sufficient rights to upgrade the code with time. Even the users don't have to pay a fee in order to use the app.

Ease of Management : By allowing upgradation of backend smoothly ICP provides great support for the agile paradigm which leads to smoother development process.

Cost Efficient : ICP provides very competitive pricing for hosting and executing backend code which makes ICP very attractive

Easy Learning Curve : We really liked how detailed the documentations are which accounts for faster development from team. Motoko itself is fairly easy to learn with the documentations provided.

Challenges we ran into

  • Art Work : Beautiful Art requires time we have been working on this game for more than two months and are very proud to present our 3D assets. We currently have 8 3D assets which we plan to increase over time
  • Game Logic : Writing the whole game logic on the blockchain requires multiple contracts we ended up deploying 4 contracts.

  • Making Assets Generic: It's easy to make a niche asset that only works on your platform but our NFT Assets support secondary marketplaces.

Future Updates

We truly feel that NFT , Gaming and Streaming are interconnected. We want to take this project to it's full potential. Future updates that we have planned are :

Marketplace Outreach : Contacting Market place and listing our contracts to provide liquidity to players

Providing Liquidity on Swap : Aureus token will be paired with ICP so users can buy/sell there rewards

Bringing Tournaments : Users will be able to fight in the tournaments for rare assets

Forming Guild : Players will be able to form guild/clan so during an attack they can send some help to fellow guild member.

Stream Liquidity Mining : Users whose streams get the most views will be able to mine aureus from it so essentially a stream will become a miner which yields on people watching it

Adding more Assets : We want to increase our library of assets such as defense assets and attacker assets

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