My inspiration for Galactic Poultry is a funny story actually, my mom sent me a meme about how hard it would take to slap a chicken to cook it (3725.95 mph). When I asked her for an idea for this weekend's hackathon, she suggested I make an app that calculates how hard it would take to throw a chicken into space and Galactic Poultry was created!!!

What it does

Galactic Poultry calculates the miles per hour (mph) you would have to throw different kinds of poultry from one planet to another and how long it would take to get there.

The user chooses the planet they throw their poultry from, what poultry they are throwing, and what planet to throw their poultry to! Galactic Poultry then calculates the mph of the throw using escape velocity and the time it would take to get to its destination by dividing the distance between starting and ending destinations by the escape velocity.

After all this calculating, the user can download a PDF file with their results to their device!!!

How we built it

Galactic Poultry was built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 5, JavaScript, and html2PDF! The HTML built the foundation, I utilized Bootstrap 5 and CSS to lightly design the frontend, and JavaScript accomanied with html2PDF built the backend.

I am not very experienced with Bootstrap 5 and lacking in design skills so I made up for it with the backend! I used a different method to compile the JavaScript, like more functions and for loops. I also used a very simple API (html2PDF) to create a PDF of the user's results!

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge run into this weekend was designing Galactic Poultry's frontend. I am unexperienced in Bootstrap 5 and CSS is kind of a new concept to me! Another challenge I ran into was revamping my process of coding, I have used more functions and for loops which has made my code way more efficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am so proud that I learned a lot this weekend, like what an API really is, how to use one, and the many many many uses for them! I also had a lot of fun and I completed my project!!!

What we learned

I learned more about APIs, how to make my code more efficient, and that I should manage my time a little better!

What's next for Galactic Poultry

The next thing for Galactic Poultry is to incorporate a share feature to (hopefully) be able to annoy family members, friends, partners, or even random strangers on the internet. Oh and also... updating the UI with a prettier design would be nice too!!

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