Objective: Create a spaceship shooting game with augmented reality, using the glasses to move in digital 3D space and the Control Unit to activate the mechanisms of the plane like a shoot and activate sprint.

Galactic Defenders is a tower defense style game with elements of Space Invaders. The game uses augmented reality, a small human city is built upon a marker. The alien ships begin to invade the scene heading toward the city and is slowly shooting and trying to destroy it. The player's goal is to prevent the city from being destroyed. You will be in a cockpit of a spaceship and your vision will be as the sight of a pilot. You can walk back in the city and looked at the enemy ships that are invading the city, its sights is your look and your weapons are fired with the Epson Control unit equipment that is in your hand. The Control Unit can be used to shoot, share ammo and active a sprint of the spaceship.

Enemies: The enemies are alien spaceships from planet Venus. They go out of portals and go to the city, as they approached, they stop and then start flying around the city shooting. If an alien spaceship is hit by the player, the spaceship stop attack the city and starts shooting and chase the player for a specified time.

Flow of the game

Main Menu: Here the player chooses the option you want. He can choose to start a new game or see a ranking scores.

Game Phase: The game starts with the enemies out of four different portals alternately, initially leaving few enemies, the enemies will increase over time, making the game more difficult.

Game Over - There are 2 ways to lose the game: 1 - The Aliens destroy the city. 2 - The Aliens destroy the spaceship of the player.

Victory - There no are a situation of pre-set victory, winning player is the one to win more points, that is, which take longer to lose.

Score - There are 3 ways to increase the score: 1 - As time passes the points will increase. 2 - Alien Spaceships destroyed give score bonuses. 3 - May appear some items during the game to score increase.

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