Rick Howl, a modern day Robin Hood; stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Except... He doesn't' give to the poor. Rick uses his set of unique skills to do his daily job with the help of his partner in crime, Scott Ridley, his partner in crime.


What it does

The story of Rick Howl.

How I built it

Through the use of Unity 5, 3ds Maya 2016 and Photoshop

Challenges I ran into

Reflections, it lead to multiple issues due to hardware limitations (phone). Optimizing the game for mobile devices. Rigging character.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A complete game with 3D models, sounds and game play.

What I learned

In Unity I learned how reflections work and how to optimize scenes. While in Maya, I learned more efficient ways of modeling and animations.

What's next for GAJ16

Depending on the reviews of the game, might further develop Mergo's story for PC as it allows much more hardware freedom.


Level00: Pick up phone and Hat. Level01: Pick up keycard in front of the target. Level02: Pick up briefcase.

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