We wanted to make a web app that would provide information on getting and keeping healthy. Although there were many other amazing alternatives such as, we felt they were too consumer-business focused as they continuously try to drive revenue through their online shops or ads. There is also not a lot of information about common injury prevention and stretches, or they were really hard to find. We also felt that allowing others to post their own workouts or stretches would allow for a more crowdsourced environment.

What it does

Allows you to filter a muscle group very quickly and provides you a list of exercises, stretches, and common injuries. There is a base set of pre-populated database entries, but it also allows you the ability to enter your own entries. This will create a crowdsourced encyclopedia.

How I built it

Django backend, Mysql DB, AngularJS front end

Challenges I ran into

Not falling asleep

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made the application super fast and highly scalable

What I learned

Angular apps need a lot of modulation

What's next for Gainzzz

Getting people to use it

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