We are inspired by the idea of making a positive impact on the environment and at the same time making visible the positive use of cryptocurrencies. GAIA comes from the Greek -EARTH-. The commercial sense of DEAL is from 1837, originally slang, from the older sense of "agreement between a number of persons for mutual benefit". We decided to create an eco-sustainable marketplace where everyone can be a protagonist focusing on both environmental and financial sustainability.

What it does

Gaia Deals is an eco-oriented peer to peer marketplace with a sustainable rewards program for its users. The main actors in this marketplace will be second hand goods like furniture, clothes and home items. So the more environmentally beneficial the deal, the better the rewards for both buyer and seller.

The basic workflow to complete a deal looks like this:

  • A seller publishes an article to sell.
  • An interested buyer finds that article and presses the buy button.
  • The buyer adds his physical address data to calculate the shipping cost.
  • In the checkout page the buyer gets the total amount (with discounts if own any badge) and proceeds to pay for the deal.
  • A new deal is created for both buyer and seller and the amount is locked in contract until the buyer validates the arrival of the article.
  • The buyer receives the article and unlocks the deal’s amount to be transferred to the seller’s wallet.
  • Now both can leave a review and qualify each other.

The rewards will depend on a score that is determined by the age and the materials with which the article to sell is made. Once a deal is completed, these points will be added to the profile of the users involved. When a user manages to accumulate a certain number of points, they are awarded a badge (these vary depending on the milestones and have up to 3 levels) that gives them the possibility of opting for discounts and cashbacks in future deals related to the category of the earned badge.

The sustainable rewards program refers to the ability of the project to maintain user’s rewards over time without the need for external capital to keep incentives alive. Taking this into account, the idea is to place the income generated by the deals commissions in a Lending protocol (like JustLend DAO) to generate passive income, this income will be used to sustain the rewards program.

How we built it

Gaia Deals is built with NextJS and TronWeb. It’s working on the Tron Blockchain of course.

Challenges we ran into

To keep the track of each deal contract with the master contract.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The aesthetic design of the marketplace is something to be really proud.
  • Create and manage contracts on the fly.
  • The fullstack experience.

What we learned

  • How to interact with smart contracts in Tron.
  • TailwindCSS is an awesome tool to use with NextJS.

What's next for Gaia Deals

There’s many things pending to do in Gaia Deals beyond the hackathon, like the optimization of some functions in contract, the filter and search using tags, allow the upload of more than one image per article and some others.

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