What it does

We have built a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that incentivizes Insured homeowners or tenants to provide basic infrastructure data to a safeguarding financial institution. By leveraging the block chain, we are able to securely publish sensor data from a consumer’s home to a public ledger allowing companies to scrape for anonymized data relevant for their business. Consumers are able to receive payouts for the data they share as long as they are opted into the private block chain. Our mobile app can be downloaded by users to connect their devices to the hub as well as acts an ERC20 Wallet for their earned Gaia Tokens.

How we built it

We minted the GaiaTokens and provided a 100B token supply at no fixed value. The tokens are non transferrable and are immediately frozen to the registered wallet. The data is not paired with the registered user.

Challenges we ran into

How to show an example of the data packets on the block chain while running a hardware device

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the smart contracts from scratch

What we learned

How a DAO operates on a development level

What's next for Gaia - DAO to Incentivize & Anonymize Smart Energy IoT

a detailed RFQ from state farm :)

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