Jason and his team manage multiple events and communities. They receive a firehose of messages from all of his communities. Within these messages will be something important or crucial that they may miss. Jason may miss an opportunity to respond to a problem or to engage his community.

What it does

Gage is augmented intelligence for better community management. Channel managers receive up to the moment actionable insights to more effectively engage the community. Our intelligent agent provides the most important conversations along with suggested responses and the relevant context.

Gage provides the up to the moment actionable insights so you can effectively engage with your community.

Our Value Propositions include: (Intelligently & efficiently) contribute to concurrent conversations. manage overwhelming firehose of incoming messages Never miss opportunities for engagement reduce your workflow

How we built it

Our stack is Clojure, React, Slack,, Heroku, Firebase

What's next for Gage

We see Gage expanding across the most popular community management and social media platforms. Additional functionality we anticipate includes voice enabled commands providing ease of use for community leaders while on mobile.

Built With

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