The inspiration came to me (Harry) when I came across a weird bug that I have never seen before in my life. When I went back home, and googled "blue bug" and got a bunch of weird results that were not related to insects at all. I went searching for a species identifying application or web services, and realized that other websites were too busy in their UI or only focused on one particular set a species (only plants, mushroom, insects, and birds), but nothing that combined it all. I got to thinking why not build a wiki-like (publicly sourced) database and simple-to-use website where anyone can do simple searches for a different type of organism that they happen to stumble upon, and why not get everyone involved. The main inspiration came to me from stories of the past, where scientist and enthusiast gathered together to share the information that they found of any particular science they were studying, but now we are in the age of data.

What it does

this site (still in a prototype phase) has a few purposes. One, gather information about every type of species from plants, animals, insects, etc.. Two, bring a community of all kinds to share about information we know about species from ALL over the world because we have information about certain species, but other people who live with these animals happen to know me. Three, most importantly, bring people together to learn and discover something new.

How we built it

Using Tomcat locally and BlueMix

Challenges we ran into

Getting Java Backend to Work in some cases

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Make it user interactive

What we learned

Web Dev Java Web Dev

What's next for Gaea's Glimpse

Add More Features More Watson

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