Google form is an easy tool to create event and send invitation out to group of participants. However, it does not provide participants to sign related documents after they confirm the event. Current integration of Docusign only provide users to manage this process from Docusign website.

What it does

GsuiteSign is an integration on Gsuite and Docusign to make form signing process much easier using Google Form. After the user has created an Google Form, participants can sign in and confirm the event. Then the organizer will be able to see the attendee list and click the GsuiteSign button to initiate the Docusign template submit to the audience

How we built it

We use Gsuite to develope the add-on and bring the confirmation list to docusign as template envelope along with the email of the participants. Docusign will summit the sign request to the participants

Challenges we ran into

Gsuite seems not allow the third party javascript library therefore we have to work around ti to submit request to Docusign

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We get to know more about the Gsuite, Google cloud, DocuSign API

What we learned

Gsuite needs more time during testing and development to external site DocuSign

What's next for G SuiteSign Event Orangizer

Better UI, more integration with Docusign APIs, Bi-direction sign update in Google Doc

Built With

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