I was wondering, what contribution can I make to make sure that People who uses Genomelinks Genetic Data will always come back to www.Genomelink.IO site.
We start to analyze some certain things which leads into reasoning why Users/Members all the major Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. will never back off.
. To this effect, we now come to a conclusion that if we can add actionable Data and create a Social Network that allows Status Updates and Recommendations Updates that will be matched with each Genomelink Users based on their unique Genetic Insights and Scores, it will be an amazing.

This is a must Test applications.

We are not perfect at making Videos. So please kindly test this applications to see how it works. Because we are not just writing this application for hackathon say. "I am and my brother" we mean business.

Issues Faced by Genomelink Users.

When users submit their Genomelink Genetic Insights, some of their genetic reports are good while some are not. Imagine when someone genetic insight for Depression says you have " More Easily Drepressed" with Genetic Score value of 4. This is not a good report as user may be prone to Blood Pressure, a silent killer Disease. To this effect, the User will be looking for help, recommendations etc. on how to improve her health, Nutrition's, Intelligence, Body Traits etc.. To this effect. This Geno Social was born

What it does and Market viability

This application is still at a cradle stage. The aim was to create an applications that uses Status Updates, Video Updates, Live Quiz Test Updates, WhiteBoard Teaching Updates to educate and Share genetic information to Genomelink users on Body Traits, Nutritions, Health, Personality and Intelligence and then profer recommendations based on each authenticated Users Unique Genomelinks Genetic data
. However within this application we are working with Status Updates, Real-Time Post Updates Broad Cast, One-to Chat Communication as well as Group Chat Discussions based on various Genomelinks Genetic Factors.

Currently, The applications allows:
1.)Genetic Experts, Dieticians, Experienced Genomelink Users to educate, lecture and assist one another by sharing Post Status Updates on Food and Nutritions.

A.)Each Post Updates has Post Title and Descriptions of Genomelinks Genetic Factors to be addressed. For instance under Food and Nutrition eg Protein-Intake, one can share Updates on what Egg does to the Body. Its functions and could be able to make nutritional recommendations for genetic Users reading the post based on their genetic score 0 to 4.

B.)Each Post Updates is accompanied by 5 amazing recommendations/solutions based on based on Users Genetic Insight Scores 0-4 so that Users will know scores where he/she falls

C.) For any Post Status Updates, The application automatically link a button that says Link Your Genome Data which links and matches each authenticated Users Genetic Insight based on Post Status Updates.
For instance if the Post is about Protein Intake, The application will automatically link the User to her Genomelinks Genetic Insight for Protein Intake. From there the authenticated user could be able to see her Genetic Score and Insight details and can use it to see the Nutritional recommendation that is suitable for her based on her Genome data.
For instance if users Genetic Score is 3 for protein intake, the user will use the score to access the nutritional recommendation for her on that Post status updates that is being shared.

D.)Users could be able to comments on each post to express her feelings and to further Discussion.
E.)All Status Updates are broadcasted to all users in real-time.

2) Real-Time Post Notification Alerts The beauty of a Social Platform is the Integration of full duplex real-time application powered by Nodejs and Socket.Io. This notification alerts ensures that Genomelink Users will not miss any Updates in Real-Time.

3.)Integrating One-one Chat System with File Sharing Options

By default, all Genomelink authenticated Users can connect and Chat with other otherwise we could create a Friends acceptance and rejection System..
This allows Dieticians, Physicians, Genomelink Users to chat and files with one another that could help them to improve on their Genomelinks Genetic Insights. Features we integrated one one to one chat includes
A.) Online and Offline Users Presence
B.) Typing Notifications
C.)Sharing of Files, Text Messages, Emoticons
D.) Real-time Notification Counts
E.) Auto-marking of Message as read and Unread

4.)Integrating Group Chat System with File Sharing Options

By default, all Genomelink authenticated Users can connect and Chat within each Group. The Group Chat System is categorized based on Genomelinks Genetic Factors
A.) Body Traits Group Chat
B.) Personality Group Chat
C.) Nutrition Group Chat
D.) Intelligence Group Chat

Features integrated into Group Chat that allows Genomelink Users to Share informations, ask question etc.
A.) Online and Offline Users Presence
B.) Typing Notifications
C.)Sharing of Files, Text Messages, Emoticons
D.) Real-time Notification Counts
E.) Auto-marking of Message as read and Unread

Why we are Prepared for this Task and Business

We are just 2 in a team but with vast Knowledge in Programming. Our aim is to deliver a first class Social Network that uses Status Updates, Video Updates, Photo Updates, Live Quiz Updates, WhiteBoard Collaborations etc. to educate, teach, Offer Recommendations/Solutions that matches Genomelink Users Based on their Genomelinks Genetic Insights.

We want to turn Genomelink link API into an Application Programming Interfaces that could be used to build an amazing Social Network in the world of Genetics.

To this effect, we have done the followings which awaits integrations in real-time.

You can contacts us so that we can send a private links to test our Status Quiz App, Social Networks,Whiteboard Updates Apps etc.. We can Integrate all this in a matter of days

Platform Targeted already in Progress

Most of this platforms are already built half ways. The applications targets the following platforms:
1.) Offline Version Integrations(We have already achieve this with Google chrome, Safari etc where users can save a Post Status Updates that matches her Genomelinks Genetic Insights in WEBSQL database in the browser for later access without Internets.
2.) Web/Mobile Web Platform
3.)Desktop Platform(Already Built Half way)
4.)Mobile(Android and IOS) (Already built half way)
5.)We can also targets Tizen Wearables(But this will be sending and receiving Real-time Updates Notifications to wearable devices.

How we Built It.

1.) We use Genomelinks Authentication API to get authenticated Users Genetic Data by using Genomelinks Nodejs Sample Project API which we hosted on
2.) We then Forward the retrived content to another site so that we can save the Users Genetic Data to our database runing Nodejs,PHP and Mysql or Mongodb.
3.) We then use Nodejs and Socket.Io to Build the Realtime Notification and Chat Systems etc

Issues Encountered and How we Resolve it.

Genomelinks requires entering the "Client Id's, Secrets and Callback URL" in a terminal or Command prompt. This will become a problem when launching the application online because nodejs will go off once you close the termial. To mitigate this issue, I have to create an external environment variables files .env and then teweak Genomelink API Nodejs code to integrate the enviroment variables thus making it as part of the Genomelinks API. No more entering of Client Id's, Secrets and Callback URL" on the Shell prompt, Terminals or Command Prompt.....

Our Programming Language of Choice and Databases.

We are best Working with Jquery/Ajax, Vue.js, Angular Js. sitting at the front End. We also work with Reactjs. At backend we have PHP, Nodejs and Socket IO, with Nodejs and Socket.Io being used to build Real-time notification and Chat System.
Our Database of Choice includes Mysql, Mongodb, Oracle 10g and PostgreSQL.

What's next for G Social

Lets Chat.....or please leave us a message . Thanks

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