1.1. Summary

This i’s a gear application based on gesture recognition helping communication for group riders enjoying sports with connections in Bicycle Group Riding’ as one of bicycle sports. Group riding is the group format in which many people such as cycling clubs, big run of country, group bicycle riding with family or friends. In here, each group member rides different bike; the one taking the most important role is the group leader. The leader delivers signals or voice to the another member behind about right, left, stop, slow speed, bewaring of road, and so on. The one gotten the signal announces these to the behind member. However, the communications are sometimes experiencing errors due to diverse factors such as instant outbreak situate or environmental sounds and so on during the ride. For the outbreak situation that is the largest problem during the group riding, rather than the previous communication means of the leader’s gestures and voice, this can be delivered through gear’s gyro sensor and acceleration sensor with integration of ‘gesture recognition’ bases to the people behind via vibration, lights, and sounds consecutively. Through real time feedback, this can render the prevention of instant road situations alarm and outbreak situations that are the most dangerous during the riding.

1-2 Mission Connection in the group riding is important between the members. This app will help members continue the connection senses through real-time conversation via communication between gears of registered group members, and through indication about group members who are tired and the speed became slower measured by speed sensor. Furthermore, through mobile application, this will render communication before and after the riding through group creation, route, record saving and so on. This will be reached for the solution and efficiency expansion via the gear.

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