Game development in Virtual Reality by oculus team in facebook inspired me so that I develop this project using three.js VR in web .

What it does

we can buy products using sample 3D models and we can go virtual tour to our favorite places. We can watch movie with our friends in VR view.

How I built it

I built it using Reactjs with Three.js API for developing both AR and VR views. I built the 3D models from the gltf loader in and 360 panaroma images from flickr.

Challenges I ran into

First I don't know "What is VR?" . Then I searched about it and found the awesome framework called as React-VR or React-360. Then I searched more and found Three.js so I used this to develop the AR view. For VR it took me more than 6hours per day to learn all the concepts including WebGL, WebXR in Three.js.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to say that I developed this VR web by myself . I learned how to work with VR and it gives the idea how the Virtual Reality Games works in Oculus like that. It also makes the way for me to develop more VR/AR content now with Spark AR for my future React-native projects.

What I learned

I learned how VR and AR works. How they develop VR games , face like chat app that use AR in Instagram. I also learned how to use Three.js with React, how to develop VR games for web.

What's next step in my project

For further development I like to add the Meet App for business meetings . I also planned on developing a Video call chat app with VR by connecting Three.js in Peer.js and further more

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