We were inspired by the game Pokemon G.O, and wanted to create it so that more people can play it and it can be more relateable for people of older ages.

What it does

It is a game where the user is given a checklist which asks the user to take photos of various object and would have to leave their house in order to fulfill it. Experience points are given for each item that has been check off and additional experience points for finish a check list as well as coupons as a reward.

How I built it

The prototype was created in Figma.

Challenges I ran into

Our group biggest challenge was trying to figure out the details to a very complex idea and trying to make it more simpler and achievable idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Honestly, just finishing it is such an accomplishment. This Project in and of itself was such a challenge so finishing it in the time span was a huge accompishment.

What I learned

I learned that during events like this, its best to just to start and finish a simple the idea and put more advance iterations later on, also to have better time management and have more time for sleep.

What's next for G.O!

To add a friends section, making it more customizable for the individual user, also adding timed missions where the user is able to meet people and have interactions with them.

Built With

  • figma
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